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THIRD PLACE is a light and sound performance, done by Camille Laurent, light, and Stefanie Egedy, sound. Together they study and experiment the creation of others sensorials places that they both aim to reach by researching the suspension of the physical and mental control, even if momentarily, of the audience. They work this suspension by saturating the senses through light and sound impulses.


In order to create this other place, light and sound, in conflict, form a a series of combinations, of encounters and desencounters, to break the linear logic of the audience.  In each presentation of LUGAR3 light and sound movements are experienced, elaborating new strategies of sense breaking.


The performance is a composition of luminous and sonorous movements, controlled in real time, by various digital and analog controllers, such as Arduino, DMX and MIDI controller.


Camille and Stefanie use recordings of anecdotes of their daily life as the their sound basis. Those recording are processed and deformed until they don’t sound anymore as words equipped with meanings. A library of their register is formed and its moved live with different designs of low frequency sound waves (LFSW). Those LFSW are another layer of stimulus to the audience, together with the voices and the light.


In the performance, light draws a abstract scenario using led tubes e strobe light.  Light impulses, predefined sequences and others written live stimulate the eye of the public and change their spatial perception.


An other place is created.

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