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Commissioned performance for the Parallax Festival at Funarte, São Paulo, Brazil, 2018.

UNDETERMINED is a sound and light performance, by artists Camille Laurent and Stefanie Egedy, in which the audience experiences a space moved by waves of low-frequency sound and light. The installation disturbs the senses by stimulating them to embark on a universe formed by the junction of different languages, which together create a universe of their own. In this installation, the visitor participates in a "sensory-spatial-reality" designed by the artists but created by each one.


The work presents different sound and light forms reflected by the space. The audience moves through the environment, their senses, touch, hearing, and sight receive stimuli, thus everyone is an actor in creating the immersive environment. The low-frequency sound waves are felt on the skin, filling the space, due to the pressure they exert on the air. It is a call to see, to feel light and sound through another perspective.


UNDETERMINED is an invitation to a sensory journey.

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