CONTINUOUS INDICATIONS is an immersive performance that aims to placet the audience in contact with other spatial and sensorial perceptions through light pulses and low-frequency sound wavs (LFSW). Light and sound goes through the body and present new sensory experiences by acting directly on the touch, sight and hearing with LFSW, almost inaudible, but palpable, perceived by the skin.
In the performance occurs a narrative that invites for the reflection on the current political moment in Brazil. The artists Camille Laurent and Stefanie Egedy create a sensible narrative that follows a pre-established logic between both.
The unfolding of events in the country illustrates how order and progress manifest themselves as frail and inconsistent organizational guidelines with the contemporary. Increasingly, this worldview clashes with what happens on the streets. In this context, the idea of continuous and linear development has been losing its power of imposition.

In CONTINUOUS INDICATIONS, through the intensity of light and sound, a non-linear discourse, the experience of contrast and post-image, the public dialogues with the possibility of creating an imaginary, as a result of

a sensitive narrative.

photo: Bia Ferrer _ Visual Content