photo: Nelson Aguilar

Together since 2016, the artists Camille Laurent and Stefanie Egedy investigate the suspension,even if it is momentarily, of the physical and mental control through the spatialization of light and sound. With this intent, they create installations and performances that explore the use of light and sound movements.

Camille Laurent

Born in France

Work and live in São Paulo, Brazil

Camille is a multimedia artist and lighting designer, she works the light as a form of sensorial apprehension and as an expression of the sensible. In scenics situations, beyond the conventional lighting control console, she uses digital and analog controllers, arduino and DMX interface, to draw spaces. She experiments increasingly the relationships between light and music.

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Stefanie Egedy

Born in São Paulo

Work and live in São Paulo, Brazil

Stefanie Egedy is a multimedia artist and sound designer. She uses field recordings, electronic sounds and everyday materials in her compositions. She is currently researching low frequency sound waves in relation to spaces and its consequences towards matter, besides investigating, alongside Camille Laurent, the relations between light and sound. She is a member of the ‘artist run space’ DAHAUS, in São Paulo, a member of the abstract music trio Nada do Outro Lado, the electronic duo Operação Mínima and is a co-founder of the label Coisas que Matam.

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